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Material Admin Pro is the most intuitive union of the Material Design language and the new Bootstrap 5 framework. This product is a complete UI toolkit that includes all of the functionality and flexibility that Bootstrap has to offer redesigned based on the specifications set by Material Design, developed by Google. We also have followed in Bootstrap 5’s footsteps to make this product fully functional without jQuery, meaning it is the best admin interface toolkit for integrating with any front-end framework.

When working with this product, you will find the familiar syntax and layout tools that Bootstrap has developed alongside custom made components and web components from Material’s web components catalog. When creating apps with this product, you will be able to achieve a true Material Design styling, unlike other products that are simply using Material Design as a reference rather than a standard.

Material Admin Pro also includes powerful, lightweight, third-party plugins to add additional functionality to the product. For example, date pickers, charts and graphs, data tables, and syntax highlighting have all been brought into the project to expand the possibilities for creating apps with this theme.

Here’s What You Get

When You Purchase Material Admin Pro

  • Bootstrap 5 - This professional admin theme uses the new Bootstrap 5 framework!
  • Regular Updates - We maintain our products to include updated dependencies, bug fixes as browsers change, and more! Once we update a product, you can log in and download the new version.
  • True Material Design Interface - Other themes that claim to use Material Design do not adhere to Google's Material Design specifications and standards. Material Admin Pro is the most true adaptation of Material Design to fit the Bootstrap framework.
  • Web Components - In the spirit of staying true to Material Design's standards, we have added a number of powerful Material Design web components to give you reusable, custom elements that are easy to use when builidng your next app.
  • Powerful, Lightweight Plugins - We have dropped the dependency on jQuery, and have only included third party plugins that are also lightweight and JS only.
  • Comprehensive Code Examples - Throughout the demo, you will see comprehensive code examples that demonstrate the usage of all of the components, utilities, form elements, and other content available in this powerful UI toolkit.
  • Detailed Documentation - For more advanced implementation instructions and additional information about the product, we provide detailed documentation to guide you through the product.
  • Email Support - If you can't find the answers you looking for in the code, code examples, or documentation, you will receive email support from the developers of the product, not from a third party answering service or non-technical support staff.

Endless Integration Options

No Dependencies, jQuery Free

By using Bootstrap 5 and compartmentalized Material Web Components, the dependencies for this product are lightweight and minimal. The third party plugins we have included are also open source and free of dependencies, making this product the best admin theme for integrating into any front-end framework. Whether you’re working with Angular, React, Vue, Laravel, ASP.NET, or any other integration framework, you will find it easy to migrate to your development stack of choice.

HTML & CSS over JS

Following Bootstrap’s Best Practices

In the official Bootstrap documentation, Bootstrap states that they "prefer to write HTML and CSS over JavaScript" due to HTML and CSS performing faster in the browser, along with being more available and accessible to developers of all different levels of experience.

When creating Material Admin Pro, we have followed Bootstrap’s recommended approach to extending the Bootstrap framework, giving you a clean, functional, and highly extendable product that can be used by a wider range of developers or varying levels.

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Compatible Browsers Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible With Bootstrap 5.x
High Resolution Yes
Layout Responsive
Files Included: HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, Image Files

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make high-quality design accessible to everyone at an affordable price. We work with a large network of talented designers and developers from around the world who are able to provide us with unique and innovative designs at a lower cost. By keeping our prices low, we hope to enable small businesses and individuals to have access to professional-quality design without breaking the bank.
The download file contains HTML, CSS, JS files and images that are exactly the same as what you see on the preview/demo page. We provide our files in HTML format with clean code so that everyone can easily use them without needing to install anything extra.